Web File Editor (wfed.me)

What We Sell

The Web File Editor software and SDK are available for free download from this website. You can use the software with any licensed server on the Internet and test with a server on your local area network or on the same machine on which the software is running (a.k.a. “localhost”).

When you are ready to deploy the wfed protocol on a server on the Internet or off your local area network, you need to purchase a license for the server’s IP address. The software periofically checks that your server is licensed. If it is not licensed, the software will not allow the user to view or edit a file downloaded from your server.

Our license is a yearly license, per server IP address. For example, if you plan to use wfed on 5 server IP addresses, you would need to purchase 5 licenses. When your purchase is complete, we will email you to get the IP address(es), and will usually have your server activated within one business day.

With your paid license, you will also receive permission to distribute our Web File Editor installers from your website.

Changing IP Address

If the IP address of your server changes, we will be happy to change your licensed IP address. We will do this up to 4 times during your 1 year license period. Additional changes will be at our discretion.

Purchase License

1 IP Address License.
5 IP Address License.

Special Offer

If you purchase an IP Address License in February, one of our experts will conduct a 30-minute consultation with you via Skype. Need help digging into PHP source code to make the wfed protocol work? Or would you like a higher level overview? Your choice!

Offer expires February 28, 2011, 11:59 pm Caifornia time. Limit one Skype consultation per customer.

ISP Pricing

If you have 20 or more server IP addresses, please contact us for a special flat rate ISP offer. Please include the number of IP addresses you need. We will get back to you with a quote by the next business day.