Web File Editor (wfed.me)

Paid Support Options

If you need assistance understanding or implementing the wfed protocol in your website’s content management system (CMS), we offer paid support options.

You may pre-purchase support in blocks of 1 hour ($100) or 4 hours ($320). As you use your support time, we will email your remaining balance of minutes after each incident. If, at the beginning of a support incident, there do not appear to be enough minutes on your support balance, we will email you before proceeding so that you can either purchase additional time or defer the support incident.

Bugs in the Web File Editor Application

If you can demonstrate and isolate a bug in the Web File Editor application, please email us enough information to reproduce the bug. We do not charge support time for bug reports, but do not guarantee when or if they will be fixed. If you require a timely fix, you will be charged support time for the fix.

Purchase Support

1 Hour Prepaid Support.
4 Hours Prepaid Support.

Please Update to the Latest

Just using the latest release of the Web File Editor application might solve a problem you are having with an older version. Please update to these first before opening a support incident. You can check for updates from the Web File Editor application. In the Mac version, look in the “Web File Editor” menu. In the Windows version, look in the “Edit” menu.

Requesting Assistance

When contacting us, please include your real name, your company name, website, and contact information (email, phone, Skype, AOL IM, etc.). Please also suggest times when we can reach you. We're based in Southern California and Nevada (USA Left Coast).

For quickest replies, send an email to support@wfed.me.